No-Churn Mojito Ice Cream

No-Churn Mojito Ice Cream

Cool down this summer with this easy to make no-churn mojito ice cream flavoured with lime, mint and plenty of rum.

Mojito ice cream 8

I have to say that I’m really quite taken with the idea of no-churn ice cream, and in particular recreating some of my favourite cocktails in ice-cream form. I’m not a particularly big drinker, but there’s something I find hugely appealing about ice-cream cocktails (I’m also quite a fan of milkshake cocktails too) and I’ve got quite a list of different flavours to try. What do you think I should try next? I’m thinking I’ll probably go for my all time favourite cocktail – a White Russian, can you just imagine ice cream flavoured with coffee, vodka and Bailey’s?

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