Cloning Plants With a Cloning Machine

Cloning Plants With a Cloning Machine

Cloning plants may sound like a very complicated, scientific project, but it’s actually quite easy.


Whether you want to stay more traditional and use rockwool cubes or invest in a cloning machine, any home gardener can clone a mature tomato plant and fill an indoor garden. Once you grow or buy the first plant you will be able to live off many generations of the same plant by cloning, for free! Follow these easy instructions so you can successfully clone tomato plants.

Get Prepared

Get everything prepared before moving to the cutting phase. You are going to want to grab a pair of pruners or scissors and alcohol wipes to clean your cutting utensil. It is always smart to wipe off your pruners each time you take new clones because even the smallest amount of bacteria will lead to unsuccessful rooting of your new plants. Make sure to have your neoprene inserts ready to place right into your cloning machine.

If you want to do this the traditional way with rockwool then you will need to have a tray to place them in.  No need for drainage holes in the container for the cloning process. You will want to make sure your rockwool starter cubes are PH’d before sticking in your cuttings. As soon as the shoot is cut from the parent plant many growers like to dip their cutting into a rooting gel and to increase the rate of success. If you are going to do this make sure to pour some rooting compound into a shallow cup. Click here to read more about using a Cloning Machine

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