Grasshopper Pie Parfaits

Grasshopper Pie Parfaits

Grasshopper pie is a classic southern dessert and I gave it a makeover by turning it into a delicious, creamy, minty parfait!


Grasshopper pie is a quasi common dessert in the south but just like fried chicken and apple pie everyone has a recipe. Some use pudding, some use whipped cream, some used sweetened condensed milk, and LOTS of them have alcohol for that cool minty pop of flavor. I skipped most of those and made this up the way my grandma used to. And then I threw my grandma’s recipe out the window and made these into parfaits instead of a pie. Trifle if you’re feelin’ fancy 😉

I used mint extract to flavor this with mint and a bit of green food coloring to LIGHTLY color it green {so light you can barely tell} instead of creme de menthe, but if you’re feeling all grown ups only on this parfait then go for it! If you want to serve this to kiddos you’ll have to either leave out the alcohol or look up a classic grasshopper pie which cooks marshmallows down rather than using fluff and the alcohol is cooked out in the process.

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