Growing Indoor Plants with Fluorescent Lighting

Growing Indoor Plants with Fluorescent Lighting

An inconsistent light source will ruin any crop. When growing starting from seed it is very important that the seedling gets as much light as possible. Growing inside with fluorescent grow lights provides the perfect amount of light for seedlings and plants


In veg. Fluorescent grow lights have a lower wattage than high intensity systems, making them perfect for seed starting, cuttings, transplants and every stage of plant growth. A T5 bulb is also the perfect choice for over-wintering a houseplant or two so they will remain healthy throughout the dark, cold winter. T5 fluorescent lighting emit very little heat, are energy efficient, easy to use and will help your plants grow strong from germination through harvest.

What does T5 stand for?

The letter “T” in the lighting industry represents the shape of the bulb, which in this case is tubular. The “5” indicates the diameter in eights of an inch, so a T5 fluorescent bulb is 5/8″ in diameter.

Vegetative Cycle Lighting

T5 fluorescent lighting is a popular choice for plants during their vegetative cycle(also known as the growth cycle). T5 fluorescent bulbs will provide high output (HO) light at a reasonable price and minimal heat. One T5 bulb will provide 20,000 hours of life and provides the full daylight experience for growing plants. During seeding and vegetation a fluorescent grow lights can be used 24 hours a day. It is very important that plants during seeding and cloning get enough light. Too little light will stunt the overall growth potential of the plant. Remember, just placing young plants next to a windowsill sometimes wont be enough light for them.

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