How a Front Door Can Make All the Difference

How a Front Door Can Make All the Difference

What’s one of the most impressionable things about a home? Gourmet kitchen? Open concept? Free flowing design?

How a Front Door Can Make All the Difference

While many would argue that they wouldn’t even consider purchasing a home without all of these things in place, there’s something that has an even greater impact on how likable your home is. And in fact, it will be the very first determining factor on whether you will purchase a new home or not.

It’s the front door.

The front door establishes curb appeal. The front door invites you in. It establishes mood, presence. It gives your home ambiance before you ever step over the threshold.

But it’s not just about the front door. We know it’s about the color too.

When you own a home here in Richland, Washington, you want your home to be open and inviting. You want to welcome guests into your home with open arms. You want to be proud of all that your home stands for.

And the best way to do that is to start with the right color.

We often use color to express our wishes and desires. We choose clothes in specific colors because it complements our personality. We choose to furnish our homes in specific colors because it creates the right mood.

You know you’re in the right place when the color surrounds you; envelopes you. It just feels right. That’s because color is linked to our feelings in a variety of ways. It tells the world a little bit about your personality. And with your home, it all starts at the front door. It’s the first thing guests see when they visit, why not showcase it with your style?


A bright orange door will tell the world you’re a social butterfly. It says you like to entertain. It also tells your guests that you enjoy a good challenge. Which can be the perfect things for a family game night inside. Welcome home and enjoy good companionship and camaraderie when you step inside.


Looking back in time, you’ll find the most hospitable homes were dressed up with a red door. Today, red still tops the list of colors chosen to say “welcome.” Red captures attention, gets noticed immediately upon arrival. If you desire a home here in Richland that says “come on in,” red’s your color.


A pink front door says you’re a hopeless romantic. Maybe that’s why your front door is welcomed with plants and flowers on all side. Nobody will ever accuse you of being anything less than cherry. You’ll have trouble hiding your smile, your positive side.


For some of us, we want to enter a place of peace and tranquility from the moment with pass the threshold. There’s no better way to start the process than by painting the front door blue. Blue signifies a place of harmony. It showcases truth and value. It lets those on the outside that the family within is well grounded and are true to themselves. If a quiet escape is on your list of desires, starting with a blue front door may the perfect thing for you.


Are you a dreamer? Have big hopes and dreams? Do you crave emotional balance, always striving for the perfect place to be? That could be why your search always ends with the color turquoise when trying to select a color for your front door. A turquoise door tells the world you believe anything is possible. Yes, you are a romantic dreamer, it’s what you do best.


Gray is uncertain by nature, a mix between the classics black and white. Painting your front door gray tells those who enter that you are open to compromise. You’re willing to listen and give every situation equal wait. Your not a person to be judgmental, opinionated and unwilling to hear both sides of the story. You’ll give it your full attention before you decide what’s right.


Black is proper. It signifies everything is in its place. When you cross the threshold of a front door painted black, you’ll enter a world of order and control. It’s simple elegance and sophisticated style. Just make sure everything is in the right order.


If a front door is white, it suggests clean lines. When you pass through you’ll find simple style, organized elegance. Stuff won’t be in abundance. Instead, you’ll find less is definitely more.


A brown door signifies warmth. It tells you the owners are reliable and stable by nature. Think of it as an extension of nature, down to earth. Brown front doors tell you the owners can keep a level head in all kinds of situations, and are trustworthy no matter what comes their way.


What’s the first thing you think of with green? For most, it’s money. Green front doors suggest traditional values. Green is affiliated with money, finances. It suggests that the owner is ambitious and strives for the best out of life. Things are often cut-and-dry when a green front door leads the way.


The brighter the color, the more creativity shines through. And when that color is yellow, there will be no argument about the creative soul that lives within. Yellow says you’re logical. It says you love color, aren’t afraid to play with shades and patterns. It says you have a positive attitude – a sunny disposition. You may even be a morning person, up with the sun every day.


Paint? What paint? Some homeowners would never think of painting their front doors. They prefer the tradition of wood, the classic lines of a down-to-earth finish. Traditional wood front doors signal a generous and grounded person lives within. You’ll find kindness when you step in.


A glass front door lets the world shine in from all directions. Glass symbolizes that you are open minded, ready to listen. It tells people you’re friendly and outgoing, with nothing to hide.

What’s the perfect color for your front door? Chances are you found your preference just reading through the list. Now find the perfect home to attach it to. Here in Richland, the perfect new home is waiting for you. Stop by today!

Guest Post by:

Kelly Helmes, Vice President of New Tradition Homes, has over three decades of experience in the homebuilding and construction industry. Helmes has extensive design and green building construction knowledge, helping propel this company to the leading ENERGY STAR homebuilder in the Northwest region.

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