Butter Roasted Split Pea Power Bowl

Butter Roasted Split Pea Power Bowl

This butter roasted split pea power bowl is the best of the best among quick, filling and tasty dishes! Packed with protein, good fats and vitamins not only fills you up but gives you the much needed energy boost and provides essential nutrients.


Guys, what do you think about split peas? Do you like this legume? Up until recently we had been using split peas soups only! But one day when I was going through the cupboards looking for inspiration on what to cook, I noticed split peas sitting in the very corner of one of the cupboards. So I figured it was the highest time to use it somehow. The question was how? At that moment I wasn’t very worried about this, I was sure I would figure this out the following day, after pre-soaking and cooking. Normally I would check the Internet to find some inspiration, but all I wanted was to use the ingredients that we had in the fridge/pantry.

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