How to Make your Drab Walls Sing

How to Make your Drab Walls Sing

Not every house is created equal. The more fortunate ones come with large French windows, expansive architectural details and unique angles. These houses have fantastic terms to distinguish them from the others, such as Arts and Craft or Art Deco, Neoclassical or Mission Style.


And then you have the plain vanilla rooms which can be best described as square boxes with bland walls. The only word that comes to mind, when you see such a place, is drab and featureless. These rooms do not pique your interest not does it excite you to think how you would want to arrange or decorate them. But the best part of your plain white box is not that you are doomed to it for life. Rather, with a whole lot of imagination and some elbow grease you can take your drab room and transform it into a masterpiece.

Rooms without any features indicate that they do not have a focal point of sorts, which means that there is nothing about the room or the walls that grasps your attention or makes you look twice at something. For instance, some examples of focal points could be picturesque windows, an interesting carving on hand crafted furniture such as a cabinet, bookcase or built-ins or fireplaces.

The best place to start out in a drab room is to figure out which place would you want your focal point to be. And the best, fastest and most comfortable way to do this is with paint. A drab, featureless room gets instantly transformed with the help of a simple and cheap tool of metamorphosis, which is paint. If the room happens to be small and dingy, opt for light colours to make it appear most spacious. On the other hand if the room is quite large, choose darker and bolder colours to make it appear more intimate and cosy.

Once you have decided on your colour palette, you will want to select a particular wall that you wish to highlight and this becomes the focal point of your room. For rectangle rooms, the best focal point would be to choose the wall which is the shortest one at the far end. This can help in making the room appear less cumbersome.

Another way of livening up your room and adding some dimension to it is to look into investing in some form of art and making it the focal point in the room. You can either opt for a large piece or build a series of varied pieces that blend together in creating a form of visual interest.

Wood work is one of the classiest ways of enlivening a room particularly if you are looking to contribute details specific to a unique or ethnic architectural style.

At the end of the day, no room is complete without an efficient lighting system. When implemented correctly, lighting contributes to dimension and drama in a room. By working on different kinds of layered lights and adding varying degrees of light in the room, visual interest is further enhanced.

During daytime, nothing works like natural light and if you have the option of improving the position of your windows to bring in more natural light, it can add a whole element of class and beauty to it. Remember to keep mixing up, when it comes to lighting. The best way to create a mood for any occasion is to mix overhead lighting with some task lighting in combination with accent lights in the form of table lamps or scones.


Image source: pixabay

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