No-bake Reese’s Energy Bars

No-bake Reese’s Energy Bars

I have a special treat for you today! Yes, I put the magically special peanut butter and chocolate combination that is Reese’s spreads into a delicious snack bar.

Reeses-Chocolate-Peanut-Butter-Energy-Bars (1)

If you are like me, your always on the lookout for good, quick snacks for you and your family. These energy bars are great for brown-bag lunches, after school snacks, midnight cravings, and even breakfast! So I know that you’re dying to figure out how to make it!

Old-fashioned rolled oats and flax seed provide a good amount of fiber and texture to the bar. I mix in raisins, pretzels, and nuts to create a nice pairing of flavors for the Reese’s spreads. A little bit of honey for glue and sweetness and you’re ready to use those forearms.

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