Low Carb Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Low Carb Matcha Smoothie Bowl

This low carb matcha smoothie bowl is the perfect dish to get you going in the morning.


I have been a fan of smoothies for along time. They are the perfect thing to grab and go in the morning if you aren’t much of a breakfast eater or if you don’t have the time. However on the weekend it’s nice sit at the breakfast table and savor a nice breakfast. My hubby fires up the waffle maker and they all have waffles. A sugary waffle will make me want to take a nap so instead, I have this big beautiful bowl of smoothie. It has everything I want in a breakfast; matcha green tea, baby greens, delicious berries, crunchy pecans and coconut flakes as well as healthy fiber from chia seeds. Plus it’s pretty to look at!

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