Red, White, and Blue Velvet Cupcakes

These festive red, white, and blue velvet cupcakes are made with one batter and topped with a simple cream cheese frosting! The perfect summer dessert for any occasion! 

Cupcakes FG

Summer has ARRIVED. I suppose it’s only appropriate that the start of summer began with nearly 115 degree temperatures; however, I would have been more than fine to kick off the celebration of summer with 85 degree temps.

Apparently California did not agree with me.

This record-breaking heat wave is enough to make me want to lay down on the floor in front of a fan and never leave. Or, lay on a raft in the pool and have an endless supply of cupcakes and iced coffee available.

If the latter could happen, I would prefer the cupcakes to be these red, white, and blue velvet cupcakes. I have a thing for cute food, and these festive colored cupcakes are about as cute as it gets! 😉

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