Slow Cooker Roast to Pork Ragu

Slow Cooker Roast to Pork Ragu

This slow cooker roast to pork ragu recipe gives you two very simple but delicious meals from one pot roast. Make your roast one night and pasta with pork ragu the next.

Some days I’m all about efficiency when it comes to cooking. I love double duty meals, especially in the summer when we are often running around like crazy or spending the day outside in the sun. I get lots of Max time in the summer and that makes me happy. So I got this idea for a slow cooker roast to pork ragu from both my mother in law and sister Patti. My husband had often told me stories of his mom making a roast one night and serving the leftovers in various dishes the rest of the week. For instance, he likes to joke about her putting only minuscule pieces of ham in her ham and cabbage but I thought the idea of using leftovers this way was a good one. And my sister Patti makes a delicious pork ragu from ribs. So the other day I made a huge pork roast in the slow cooker on Sunday and then took the left over roast and made a super easy pork ragu in minutes that we ate over pasta. My husband joked about it, but he was actually nostalgic about his mom as she has Alzheimers now.

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