Whipped Feta Cheese Spread

Whipped Feta Cheese Spread

Whipped feta cheese spread takes my favorite tangy feta cheese and turns it into a spreadable dip perfect for your next summer party!



I debated making this with goat’s cheese at first but I like the texture provided by the feta plus I’ve been a little feta obsessed since trying this farro salad from Goodie Godmother last month. A little bit of cream cheese offers enough of a creamy consistency to make this a lightly spreadable dip perfect for the thin, crispy, and flavorful Dare Crackers. The crunch of the sliced almonds and pop of sweetness from the dried cranberries sends this dip over the top and I loved every bite. Dare’s complete collection of mouthwatering crackers are loaded with crunch and packed with flavor to make your most inventive summer bites even better.

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