Watermelon Chicken Salad with Pine Nuts & Feta

Watermelon Chicken Salad with Pine Nuts & Feta

Salty and sweet, this watermelon chicken salad it’s a perfect way to enjoy a light lunch that’s packed with protein and vitamin C.


Beat the heat this summer with a light and juicy salad featuring watermelon as the main ingredient.

My family is trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our daily lives. With summer arriving, watermelon is easy to find at the grocery store and the price is right.

Now don’t get me wrong, we eat a lot of watermelon just the way it is all summer long. One of my favorite ways to enjoy this sweet fruit is from the rind but I also like to blend it and use it in my favorite drinks. Be sure to check out my refreshing watermelon lemonade slushies for an irresistible summer beverage.

Watermelon also serves as a wonderful ingredient paired with prosciutto for an easy to make appetizer that will have your guests asking for the recipe.

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