Skinny Seasoned Baked Onion Rings

Skinny Seasoned Baked Onion Rings

This recipe for Skinny Seasoned Baked Onion Rings makes a simple side dish of homemade and low fat onion rings that’s so much healthier than fried – this version has a spiced breadcrumb coating that will make it a new family favorite!

I absolutely LOVE onion rings.  It’s one of those things that if I see them on a menu, I almost always give in to temptation.

Ya know what ruins an onion ring? Grease.

There is nothing worse than biting into an onion ring and getting equal amounts if grease in your mouth.  It happens a lot.

As you may know, I am on a diet and I have been playing around with a lot of different foods to find healthier versions.

These onion rings are one of those recipes.  I make thing with low fat cooking spray which makes them not only low fat, but it resolves the issue of greasy onion rings as well.

I soak the onions in low fat buttermilk.  This is to help make the onions as tender as possible when cooked.

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