Simple Parmesan Chili Pasta

Simple Parmesan Chili Pasta

Are you stuck for time but need to cook something fast? Then why not make this simple parmesan chili penne pasta? This is the easiest and fastest pasta recipe ever! All you have to do is cook the pasta, pour over some good quality extra virgin olive oil, add parmesan + chili flakes, mix well and you are ready to serve!


Dried chili flakes give the dish the much needed kick! It’s up to you how much you add but be careful if you haven’t used them before. You can omit them if you don’t like spicy food!

As you can see this recipe is really easy! The “hardest” part about making simple parmesan chili pasta is to grate the cheese!!! Another plus is that most of the time you don’t actually need to be standing in front of the stove watching the penne cook so feel free to do other things (like spending time with your family).


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