Celebrate Summer with Iced Tea and Strawberry Walnut Salad

Celebrate Summer with Iced Tea and Strawberry Walnut Salad

I lived in Tennessee for 10 years but I never considered myself a southern gal. I do not have a twang. I am not a country music or grand ol’ opry fan. I have never been muddin’, frog gigging, or even owned a pair of boots.

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But one thing I miss? THE FOOD. OMG southern gals can cook. You are missing out if you only think that southern food is synonymous with copious amounts of butter. I won’t deny that it does happen, but there are also so many nuanced subsets that range from cajun to buttermilk biscuits. Yes, the southern biscuit is its own art form. But one thing that definitely must to go with all cooking is SWEET ICED TEA. So today I am going to introduce you to a match made in heaven: Strawberry Walnut Salad and Iced Tea.


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