9 Minnesota Pizza Joints You Must Try

9 Minnesota Pizza Joints You Must Try

Who doesn’t love pizza?  From thin and wood-fired to cheesy and doughy, Minnesota will satisfy your taste buds.



1. Pizzeria Lola

Website: http://www.pizzerialola.com/

Lola’s is a top notch wood fired pizzeria with an amazing backstory. It gets quite busy on the weekends, but it is worth the wait. They also have a cute photo booth in the back you can take pictures in- make sure to hang one up on the wall with all the others!

Recommendation: La Creme with fennel sausage

2. Mesa

Website: http://www.mesapizzamn.com/

Mesa has so many types of pizza, you will not be disappointed. Taco pizza, macaroni, your classic pepperoni, chicken gyro, and so many more options.

Recommendation: A slice of Penne Pasta or Chicken Gyro

3. Blaze

Website: http://www.blazepizza.com/

If you want you pizza quick, delicious, and cheap, Blaze is for you. In 180 seconds, your pizza will be in your hands, ready to be eaten.

Recommendation: White Top or Meat Eater



4. Pagliai’s

Website: http://www.pagliaismankato.com/

Pagliai’s is one of Mankato’s hit pizza places located in the heart of downtown. They also have pretty great sandwiches and deep dish pizzas people love.

Recommendation: Super Queso

5. Black Sheep

Website: http://blacksheeppizza.com/

Black Sheep is a coal fired pizzeria that attracts crowds every night. They put some great heart into each of their pies and even offer a party room for those of you who are looking to celebrate.

Recommendation: Sicilian

6. Burch 

Photo: http://getlocalflavor.com/item/burch_steak_and_pizza   Website: http://www.burchrestaurant.com/

Burch has some amazing steaks and pizzas. They are located in downtown Minneapolis and offer a top notch pizza bar for their customers- complete with drinks and great company.

Recommendation: Colatura Di Alici






7. Punch 

Website: http://www.punchpizza.com/


Punch features neapolitan pizza cooked in 900 degree oven in only 90 seconds. The quick cooking time doesn’t take away from the delicious flavors that pop with each bite, it is a top quality pizza with flavor you can’t say no to.

Recommendation: Toscano





8. Fat Lorenzo’s 

Website: http://fatlorenzos.com/

Pizza, pasta, hoagies, and gelato, Fat Lorenzo’s is a hit. They are an award-winning, nationally recognized pizza joint that never fails to impress. Loaded with cheese and toppings, Fat Lorenzo’s lives up to their name.

Recommendation: Alfrenzo




9. Hello Pizza 


Hello pizza is actually a sister restaurant of Pizzeria Lola (#1 on this list.) They have a old-timey diner feel to them complete with a photo booth in the back. The pie is delicious and cheesy!

Recommendation: Hello Rita





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