Italian Okra & Beans

Italian Okra & Beans

This Italian okra & beans dish makes a hearty and tasty side dish. Serve over rice and it becomes a delicious vegetarian dinner.


I love okra. It’s not something I cook much because it’s hard to find fresh okra here in Pittsburgh. I love it because I grew up with a Lebanese dish called bemyeh. I just looked up how to spell that because we always pronounced it (incorrectly) bammy. It’s a lemony okra and beef stew that you eat over rice. It’s delicious and I will probably post it one of these days. Anyway that is the only recipe I have for okra. So today I tried something different. I add some diced tomatoes, cannellini beans, garlic, spices and sliced lemon. It was delicious. So with this Italian okra & bean dish I now know two okra dishes!

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