Chocolate Cherry Mocha Scones

Chocolate Cherry Mocha Scones

Perfect scones, tender and moist, with crispy edges, chock-full of cocoa, chocolate, dried tart cherries, and infused with coffee! They are dunked in a bath of rich chocolate glaze!

chocolate cherry mocha scones with chocolate glaze 8

These scones were naturally rustic in the photos though. If only I could create that effect purposefully.

More about the food. That glaze. The glazzze!! That chocolate glaze is the best. Sweet, chocolatey, and thick, but still drippy. Powdered sugar and cocoa are whisked with vanilla and melted butter. The melted butter helps the glaze taste more rich, and also helps it to set so that it’s not a total mess.

chocolate cherry mocha scones with chocolate glaze 15

The basic scone recipe that I’ve relied on for several years now is the absolute best. It’s completely foolproof, no matter how I adapt it, and it produces sconesthat have crispy edges, and are moist, buttery, and flaky. Anything but a dry and bland scone that you’d find at most coffee shops. They are delightful.

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