Corn Chowder

Fresh Corn Chowder

Fresh corn is in season! It seems to be everywhere right now…the grocery store bins are overflowing with fresh corn and the farmer’s market is well stocked  too. We’ve been eating corn on the cob but this week the weather has turned cold and rainy so I made a fresh corn chowder. The fresh corn flavor really shines in this chowder.

There is a whole jalapeno in this chowder….minus the seeds. It’s not spicy at all. It just adds a teensy bit of flavor and heat. I was worried that it would be too spicy, but trust me, you’d never know it was there. Don’t leave it out. It really adds another layer of flavor.

Use whole corn cobs. Shuck the husk and then cut off the kernels. This is easy, but is always a bit messy for me. The corn likes to fly off the cob while cutting it. To remove the kernels, cut the bottom off the cobs making a flat surface. Then stand the cob upright. Take a sharp knife and slice down the cob just under each kernel. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect. It’s all going into a pot of soup and no one will examine every kernel.

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