Tips for Creating a Cozy Outdoor Living Space + Video

Tips for Creating a Cozy Outdoor Living Space + Video

One of my favorite things about summer is that the outdoors become an extension of our living space.


Harsh winters force us to hibernate inside for so long, that once the sunshine starts to warm the earth again we can’t wait to get outside – and spend all of our time there. We relish the freedom of outdoor living – mornings spent sipping coffee in the garden, cat naps in the warmth of the sun on the porch and dinners al fresco style on the patio. It just feels so freeing.

That’s why today I want to share a few simple tips for creating an outdoor living space that is both cozy and functional.

These are easy and inexpensive ways that anyone can utilize to make the most of their outdoor living space, whether it’s a small condo balcony or a sprawling backyard overlooking the countryside.

Often we neglect our patios and decks, not giving them the attention and time they deserve. But our outdoor living spaces should be an extension of our homes, and creating a cozy and inviting space is no different than how you would create the same feeling inside of your home.

As much as we love our home, and love creating a welcoming and beautiful space for our family, we weren’t exempt from this. Our deck was far from the beautiful outdoor space we dreamed of. But that all changed this summer when we revived our wood deck and created a beautiful and relaxing outdoor living room.


Click here to take a peek at our latest video on our YouTube channel to watch our Tips for Creating a Cozy Outdoor Living Space.


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