Strawberry Praline Trifle

Strawberry Praline Trifle

This strawberry praline trifle is a result of a bi-monthly blogger event called The Ultimate Recipe Challenge. Every other month we are tasked with making an original recipe using one ingredient. This month’s feature was strawberries, so I decided to make a strawberry praline trifle.

Strawberry Praline Trifle Collage

When we were told that strawberries were going to be the feature I started thinking of strawberries and cream. Then I thought of pralines and cream, and then I thought, why not strawberries and pralines. So I thought a strawberry praline trifle would be fun to try and make.

Trifles seems to come in all shapes and sizes. I found a nice inexpensive clear bowl with flat sides for the trifle at Target. They did have a couple of pretty traditional glass trifle bowls but I didn’t want to spend $35 for something I wasn’t sure I would use very often.

Then all I need to do was come up with a layering scheme. I decided to use crushed cookies at the bottom. Remember Nilla wafer cookies? We use to have them a lot as kids in school. Anyway they are still on the shelves at the grocery store and make a great cookie crumble.


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