Easy Rice Pilaf

Easy Rice Pilaf

This recipe for Rice Pilaf is simple side dish that is a great alternative to plain white rice. Its mild chicken and garlic flavors make it a versatile and easy side for any supper.


This is my go to side dish.

It’s quick, easy, full of flavor and adaptable too (you can add vegetables or meat to make it a one pot meal)!  It goes with anything from roast chicken to curry!

I love it with Shrimp Scampi because it’s mild but, it also adds depth to the dish without clashing with it.

It’s so easy to make and goes with so much! It’s perfect for those busy days when I pick up a cooked chicken for dinner and then just whip this up with some steamed broccoli. It’s so simple ans so much better than getting a full take out.

This is also a great dish for children.  I used to give it to my son with some steamed broccoli when he moved onto solid foods.  He loved it (and still does).

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