How a Sober House Can Give You Back Your Life

How a Sober House Can Give You Back Your Life

We all face demons in our lives, and for some of us the demon is drink or drugs. Sober Houses are there to help you when you come out of rehab (or as an alternative). A Sober house can provide you with the rules and structure that you need to beat your battle with the bottle. They even provide you with a community of people who are in the same situation and can support you. Here is how checking into a sober house can help you regain your previous life and become a productive member of society.

What is a sober house?:

A sober living home is a privately owned house for addicts who are trying to beat their addiction. They offer safe and stable environments to kick the bottle. They are usually located in peaceful locations to ensure the patients have a tranquil place in which to recover. They are very different to rehab centres. Rehab centres usually offer a more intensive recovery programme to beat addiction. And rehab centres give residents much less freedom. At a sober house, residents are typically subjected to random drug and alcohol tests to ensure they are staying sober. People who live in these facilities are expected to be responsible for themselves. This is an important step to recovery because addiction causes someone to act in irresponsible ways. Living in this type of facility usually requires the patient to pay rent and buy their own food, things they would have to do if living at home. This allows the patient to become a functioning part of society and allows them to reintegrate into their home lives.

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A stable, alcohol and drug free, environment:

A lack of a stable and supportive environment can seriously hinder your goal of sustained abstinence. And this is exactly what a sober house, or halfway house, can provide. They provide you with a stable environment that usually follows a 12 step programme of recovery. They provide you with a supportive community that is in the same boat as you, allowing you to a have a fresh start. Fresh start sober house provides this sort of service for both men and women.

What sort of rules will be in place?:

Depending on the facility in particular, rules will vary. But a general rule of thumb is that random drug and alcohol tests will be a requirement of staying in such a facility. When moving in, you are agreeing to obey all of the rules. If you break the rules, you could be required to make amends to another patient and write an essay about what you did. And you may even be kicked out of the facility depending on the violation. The primary rule of these facilities is that you must stay sober. In some cases you won’t be allowed to use certain types of mouthwash or cook with certain ingredients due to possible alcohol content. In addition to rules, you are also usually required to go to work or school each day. This allows you a stable life that will allow you to reintegrate into your society.

A sober house can enable you to learn new skills and to take on a job, whilst staying sober the whole time. They allow you the freedom to get your life back on track at the same time as keeping your addiction at bay. All of these factors combined will give you the freedom to et your life back.


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