Gardening on the Other Side of the Walk

Gardening on the Other Side of the Walk

Several years ago while attending a landscape symposium I learned an interesting technique that applied to my exact layout. In fact, it applies to many standard homes and really help up our curb appeal.

One of the speakers, I wish I could remember his name, showed us a lot of homes with typical boxwood shrubs planted right up to the foundation and not much else, like the one shown above.

He then showed some really beautiful, landscaped homes with varying styles. For me, this presentation literally hit close to home.

He discussed an idea about using the height of your home, imagining dropping the front wall down to ground. Basically the height of your front wall should be around the same distance your front garden should extend from the foundation. Well, my sister and fellow garden confidant, who was sitting next to me, nudged me, and said, “Hey, that’s you.”


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