Strawberry Mint Bean Salad

Strawberry Mint Bean Salad

This strawberry mint bean salad is an easy dish to whip up . It’s fresh and tasty and looks great on the table!

This month’s Ultimate Recipe Challenge is ….can I have the envelope please… strawberries! I’ve made a strawberry caprese salad and more recently low carb chocolate strawberry treats, so I can appreciate these red, juicy berries as much as anyone. I got the idea to mix strawberries with mint, while watering the vast amount of mint in my garden. Turns out it was a great pairing. This strawberry mint salad recipe is so easy and fresh I think you’ll enjoy it as much as we did. So before I get to my fellow challengers and all their wonderful strawberry recipes, let me quickly walk through this one.strawberry-mint-bean-salad-pin

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