Bacon Ranch Avocado Boats

Bacon Ranch Avocado Boats

Today, I am sharing a really quick and easy recipe for Bacon Ranch Avocado Boats. Now I will not tout this recipe or any other on this site as healthy. First, this recipe does contain a bit of bacon. Second, I find the term “healthy” to be highly over used and subjective.


These Avocado Boats are so cute and a great presentation. My son especially loves them because I just give him a spoon and he literally digs in. It makes mommy proud to watch him enjoy eating vegetables!

I will provide you with a few tips to making these avocado boats. First, slice the avocado in half by cutting lengthwise down the side of the avocado until you hit the pit. Now take your knife and move around the avocado in a clockwise motion until your cut extends both sides and meets the original cut. Then hold each side, twist, and pull apart.


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