Melon Fizz Cocktail

Melon Fizz Cocktail

Hints of sweet melon flavored vodka swirled together with fizzy ginger ale in a glass of crushed ice makes the perfect summer cocktail.

This melon fizz was created quite by accident.

Have you ever wanted a mixed drink and wondered, “what can I mix together to make a tasty cocktail?”

Today it was a ginger ale that spoke to me. I knew I would add a little elderflower liqueur to this cocktail but what flavor of vodka should I use?

A while back I picked up a gift set of six 50 ml bottles of Grey Goose flavored vodkas. I was thinking the flavors would all pair well with elderflower liqueur because I have a big bottle at home. This particular gift set featured melon, cherry, pear, orange and citron flavored vodkas.

What I love about this cocktail is that it uses something that you already have in the fridge – ginger ale. And quite by accident you have a delicious cocktail with hints of melon, ginger and elderflower.

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