Crispy Onion Strings BBQ Cheeseburger

Crispy Onion Strings BBQ Cheeseburger

What makes these cheeseburgers special is the mesquite flavored onion strings. They give a nice textural crunch and the flavor is awesome thanks to the Kraft Mesquite Smoke BBQ sauce as a *ahem* secret ingredient. The smoky mesquite flavor was just what these onion strings needed.  Hubby told me I should soak them overnight because that is what the restaurants do but I ain’t got no time for that and they were still great!

In all of my years of grilling and cooking, I believe that a burger is the best when it is simple. When I want a burger, I want to taste the beef, without being overpowered by garlic or onion salt. Adding excessive seasonings is for meatloaf, not burgers.  Gimme the beef!

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