5 Minneapolis Activities: For Free

Minneapolis: For Free

If you’re looking for entertainment in the Minneapolis area, it can get quite expensive (am I right, or am I right?) We all love to go spend a little money every now and then, but burning a hole in your wallet can get old real fast.

Here are 5 places to visit when you’re in the mood for a unique day activity, date, or even family adventure- did I mention it’s for free?



1. Go to a lake

If you don’t already know this, Minnesota is known for their abundance of lakes. Lakes are a great place to go and sunbathe, have a picnic, and of course, view the amazing sunsets over the skyline. I personally love taking the trails around the lake- PROCEED WITH CAUTION. I somehow got lost while doing this, but it sure made for an adventure.

Other Free Activities

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Biking
  • Movies/Music- some lakes, such as Calhoun, have free seasonal entertainment

Not-so-Free Activities

  • Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Grabbing a bite to eat- Lake Calhoun has a cute little lakeside restaurant
  • Boating/Sailing


2. Visit a park

There are so many amazing parks around Minneapolis area. The parks are usually accompanied by a lake or trail to go exploring around. Parks are great if you’re looking for an activity to do with your kids in the Summer months when they’re not in school. You can sit back and relax with one of your favorite books as they run around and blow off some energy.


Parks around Minneapolis

  • Minnehaha Park- this has an amazing waterfall and beautiful trails
  • Bryant Square Park- live outdoor music in Summer, animals welcome!
  • Lake of the Isles- amazing trails and scenery

3. Explore a zoo

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory has been around for 100 years and is still one of the top places to visit in Minneapolis area. Como is a fun place to go whether you’re with your family or just on a date.


Free Activities

  • Watch and learn about the animals- my favorite is the sea lion
  • Visit over 10 exotic gardens
  • See the donated art and sculptures
  • Find special events- depending on dates
  • Leonard Wilkening Children’s Gallery- hands-on activities for kids to learn more about animals

4. Find an event

Searching for free events, festivals, and parades isn’t as hard as you might think it is. Minneapolis area has something for every season. This is very helpful when you can’t find anything to do in those winter months.


Some Seasonal Events

  • Holidazzle Parade- meet Santa Claus, take a carriage ride, or enjoy a movie night and fireworks
  • Winter Carnival- games, sledding, and even an ice palace!
  • Irish Fair- dancing, food, local and international bands (the nation’s largest free Irish fair)
  • MayDay Parade- this is a great way to celebrate the beginning of Spring

5. Take a tour

There are a lot of places that offer free tours. Whether you like history, religion, alcohol, or nature, there are tours for you.


Are you a fan of beer? Wine? How about free beer and wine? If you answered yes to any of these, here are some places for you:

  • The Flat Earth Brewing Co- free monthly tours
  • Trader Joe’s- weekly wine tastings
  • Surdyk’s- wine and beer tasting

Do you like walking and exploring? Here are some great places to create your own personal tour:

  • Warehouse & Mill District Riverfront- walk along the right rail
  • Loring Park- view sculpture garden, the Basilica of St Mary, and beautify homes
  • Downtown Minneapolis- see the growing culture, towers, and many hidden gems


For more on Minnesota, visit http://livedan330.com/?s=minnesota

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