Peaches N Cream Brown Sugar Shortcakes

Peaches N Cream Brown Sugar Shortcakes

Macerated boozy peaches, with whipped cream and tender, buttery, brown sugar shortcakes! A new twist on traditional shortcakes.

Shortcakes are like scones – a baked good that is super quick and easy to throw together. Start-to-finish time is nice and short. The fruit? Stir it with brown sugar and booze, and let it hang out for a little bit. That’s all it takes. Easy, breezy summer dessert!

The shortcakes are buttery and flaky, but made with brown sugar for extra flavor! It makes a difference, it really does. And the peaches are boozy, so that’s another good reason to care. Tell me a recipe that wasn’t improved upon by adding Schnapps. Uh huh, exactly.

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