Easy Orange Mojito

Easy Orange Mojito

Quick Cuban orange mojito is the ultimate summer cocktail! Why? Because it’s easy, fun and tasty! And also because nothing is better than a simple mojito cocktail!

The traditional mojito consists of white rum, sugar cane juice, mint, lime juice and soda water. 5 simple ingredients combined together and topped with ice create one of the most popular refreshing cocktails in the world!

Why is it so popular you ask? It could be also thanks to the fact that this cocktail recipe can be easily adjusted to your liking. You don’t like rum? No? Not even Bacardi rum? Ok so use vodka. You don’t like vodka you say? So try it with gin! Choose lemon instead of lime and experiment with flavors a bit further by adding fruits of your choice. The options are endless! We have tried a few versions ourselves and this quick Cuban orange mojito recipe is so far the one we like most!

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