Quick & Easy Pita Bread


Quick & Easy Pita Bread

Make your own soft & delicious pita bread. These puffy little pillows are ready from start to finish in less than 1 hour & taste so much better than store bought!


When you make these Quick & Easy Pita Breads, be sure to watch them for the five minutes that they are in the oven. They puff up dramatically within a few minutes and it is great to see this happen. If you have children helping you to make this recipe then they will love to watch them through the oven door.

When they are done and you remove them from the oven you will have little puffy pillow like pita breads. They deflate as they cool and end up resembling pita breads as you see in the store, only they taste so much better! Cover them with a clean dish towel while they cool to keep them nice and soft.

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