12 Unspoken Commandments of Roadtripping

12 Unspoken Commandments of Roadtripping 

Most of us know the rules of being in a car with others for hours. Just in case some of you forgot, here you go. 



1. Make it an adventure

Make the most of it, even if you are just driving for 2 hours.

2. Bring good snacks

This is very very important. Good snacks=good road trip. It helps you get through traffic, reduces the amount of gas station stops, and keeps everybody happy.

3. Follow expectations of where you are sitting

-Driver: Keep all passengers alive. Make sure you have gas. Keep your eyes on the road

-Passenger: Your music skills must be above expectations, you are the DJ. Also, be a good navigator.

-Backseat: You are to hand out snacks upon request. Do not be a backseat driver.

4. Hold in your farts as much as you can 

Depending on how good of friends you are with the other passengers, you should probably try to keep them in (or at least have a good person to blame it on)

5. If the car stops to use the restroom, use the restroom, Even if you don’t have to. 

Because Lord knows that Big Gulp will kick in and you will have to pee in 15 minutes. Take your opportunity now.

6. Take turns driving if it is a long distance 

Nobody wants the driver falling asleep behind the wheel. Take naps if necessary. Keep your dang eyes open.

7. Make stops for any National Parks/cool things 

All of you want to get to your destination fast but, stop and smell the roses a few times. If you see an awesome lake, the world’s largest frying pan in Iowa, or a cow wearing a tutu, stop and take a picture. The extra few minutes will be worth the memories made.

8. Check the oil before you leave 

Nobody wants car trouble. Nobody wants to break down on the side of the road and fear they will be the like the characters in that horror movie they saw that one time.

9. Chip in for gas money 

C’mon. This is just a no-brainer.

10. Keep an open mind

There will most likely be setbacks. Go with the flow and don’t kill your passengers- even if they are annoying.

11. Whatever happens in the car, stays in the car

Like Vegas. Just like Vegas. Somebody peed in a bottle? Stays in the car. Someone told an embarrassing story? In the car. Confessed a secret while they were sleeping? Car, car, car.

12. Get there alive 

This is your main goal. If you accomplish this, (without getting arrested, stranded in a random town, etc.) great job! You have had a successful road trip.


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