Simple Summer Tomato Sandwiches

Simple Summer Tomato Sandwiches

I forget when I came upon this combo, but I know it’s now something I look forward to each summer. These simple summer tomato sandwiches must be made with fresh tomatoes. They just must. I’ve tried making them with store-bought tomatoes in the winter and the results were simply disappointing.

simple-sandwiches from A Proverbs 31 Wife

Bread, butter, garlic, basil, optional lunch meat, tomatoes and cheese are the ingredients.

Toast your bread, butter it and spread minced basil over it. Use either the minced garlic from a jar, or granulated garlic. Do not use raw garlic as it is WAY too hot!

Add a slice of nitrate free lunch meat if you like, top with a slice of fresh tomato and your choice of cheese. We like pepper jack or colby jack the best.


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