Super Easy Meat Pies


Super Easy Meat Pies

These easy meat pies are full of flavor and make a delicious change of pace for a week night dinner.


Every year I used to take my dad to Florida to visit his sister Margo, who just happened to be a fabulous cook. Everything she made was delicious but especially her Lebanese dishes. And while I would never try to imitate one of her Lebanese dishes, I do feel comfortable making these easy meat pies. This is something she made for a quick dinner one night and she called them Armenian meat pies. I don’t know if technically they are Armenian, but I do know my version can be called an easy meat pie. As I recall, Aunt Margo had used a flour tortilla (it was a long time ago) but I decided to use naan bread. Either way you make it, it’s a delicious snack or meal.

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