Grilled Corn with Pear Chorizo Salad

Grilled Corn with Pear Chorizo Salad

This grilled corn with pear chorizo salad is a yummy appetizer! The simple grilled sweet corn has been taken to the next level by serving it with pear chorizo salad! Sweet corn lovers, it’s a must-try this summer!


This week I have been reminiscing a lot! It wasn’t my intention to do so. It just happened. It usually happens when I cook certain dishes or eat certain foods. Would you believe that corn on the cob is among those foods?

A few times every summer I and my cousins would gather around the table in our grandmother’s back yard. We would wait for the cooked corn to be cooled down a bit, just a bit so we could hold it in our hands. Once in our hands we would try eat it even though it STILL was too hot to eat. But we would try anyways. As far as the toppings go we would use salt only! No fancy “toppings”. Just salt! It couldn’t get any simpler than that but we loved it!


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