Grilled Swordfish with a Fruit Salsa

Grilled Swordfish with a Fruit Salsa

Grilling season is not over yet. Take advantage of these late summer and fall evenings with a grilled swordfish dinner served with a fresh fruit salsa that’s light and delicious.


I try to incorporate plenty of fish in my diet. It can be tough because my husband is not a big seafood fan. I could eat it every day!

He prefers milder tasting fish and lucky for him swordfish fits his expectations.

What does swordfish tastes like?

I would describe it as firm and meaty. Perfect for grilling because it keeps its texture and doesn’t fall apart when cooking.┬áIt has a slightly sweet, mild flavor. It’s delicious with a summer fruit salsa.

We enjoy swordfish plucked fresh out of the ocean when we visit my folks who live on theOuter Banks of North Carolina. And we eat it whenever we can.

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