Blueberry June Growth

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Blueberry June Growth


This is a follow up post on the the blueberries. Last summer we picked up blueberry pants from Monrovia, who sponsored this garden. Earlier this spring, I wrote an article on the blueberry flowers and how to trim the bushes. Today, I want to show you the ENORMOUS amount of growth on the bushes. The new growth is approaching nearly a foot on the larger plants and about the same percentage of growth on the smaller plants.

blueberry bush
New growth on the blueberry bush

The best part of these plants is the berries that are developing! Check these out. I can’t wait to eat them. Blueberries will primarily grow on second year growth. With all of the new branches this summer, we are looking at a huge harvest in 2017.

blueberries on plant
blueberries on plant

It’s sure looks like our south facing hill location is agreeable to the blueberry plants. We have irrigation set up so there is regular water and the area is well drained. It sure looks like as the plants mature and grow we will have some impressive blueberry production.

Make sure you are following our grow your own series this year. We have lots of great gardening, canning and preserving tips.

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