Summertime Low Carb Tea Pops

Summertime Low Carb Tea Pops

These low carb tea pops are a healthy, tasty treat for a hot summer day. Easy to make and lots of delicious combinations for only 1.7g carbs per pop.


Recently I posted about my mission to make great popsicles. This was a result of the new popsicle molds I bought. Well I think I’m on to something here; using tea to make low carb, low calorie pops.  As you may remember, I’ve made many recipes using tea in the past because it adds a lot of flavor without the calories. Now it’s time for me to use tea to make some delicious low carb tea pops.


  1. I love mixing and matching tea flavors. For example you can mix any two or three fruit flavors to get a good tasting fruit punch. Or maybe mix peach and lemon ginger teas to make into ice cubes to use in a glass of green iced tea. Mint goes nice with any fruit tea, especially in the summer because it’s extra cooling. There are so many good combinations.
  2. Tea adds lots of flavor without the added calories or carbs.
  3. Drinking tea even has health benefits.
  4. Tea is very versatile. I have used tea in chicken soup, low carb cookies, smoothies, ice cubes, pops and fruity chia tea. In the summer time iced tea and tea pops are the way to go.

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