Feeling Ill? The Problem Could Be Closer To Home Than You Think

Feeling Ill? The Problem Could Be Closer To Home Than You Think

All of us have our intolerances and sensitivities. For some it is as basic as not being comfortable if it is too hot, for example. For others, it can be more specific – for example, hay fever sufferers are sensitive to airborne pollen. For others again, though, our environment can be even more problematic. It’s hard to count how many people exactly, but it is known that millions of people in this country alone are allergic to airborne pollutants.

Some people reading this will be under the impression that an allergy is more or less an irritation. That is not the case. If you are allergic to something, continued exposure to it can make you very ill. Some people have such extreme allergic reactions to things that they become life-threatening. So when you have an allergy, it’s not a lifestyle thing. It’s a life thing.

Allergies are a problem, because they can be triggered by factors we don’t control. You may be in a store that has used a certain air freshener, not know that they have used it, and become ill. So it is vitally important that we control what we can – exposure in the home.

Exposure From Housework

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A good spring clean is a way to make the home cleaner and, you would think, a way to keep allergies at bay. Certainly, for someone with a dust mite allergy, a dusty house is a problem. However, we need to be  careful when doing housework. Many people have allergies triggered by cleaning products that are too harsh.

If you get a reaction that troubles you when cleaning, check what you’re using. Look instead at products that are greener – they may take more elbow grease, but they won’t make you ill in the way harsher chemicals do. A helpful primer can be found at http://www.livescience.com/1737-truth-green-cleaning-products.html

Day To Day Exposure

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If you have an allergy that is triggered by airborne particles, you can literally get ill by doing nothing. Just sitting there breathing can cause enough exposure. And because you’re a captive audience, it’s all the more dangerous if they’re in your home. It is a good idea to look at your HVAC systems and make sure your air is as pure as can be. Companies such as https://www.onehourac.com will be happy to have a look and see what can be done in your home.

Dietary Exposure

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There is currently something of a debate raging over the importance of “free from” foodstuffs. We can now buy food that is gluten-free, milk-free, nut-free and more besides. Some people think this is an over-medicalization of the fact that some foods just don’t agree with some people.

But medical science is on the side of the people with intolerances – gluten can make some people seriously ill. And the more additives there are in your food, the greater the chance it will trigger an allergy. You may not know you even have it, but you’ll be familiar with the symptoms.

To make a long story short, if you’ve made it to this age, your allergy is something that you can live with. So don’t run to the hills just yet! However you can live longer, better and healthier if you pay attention to what’s good for you and what isn’t. Be sure to keep a close watch on any symptoms you don’t like – rashes, shortness of breath or drowsiness, for example. Acting on them could make you much healthier.

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