His and Her’s Caprese-ish Salads

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If you are following along in our Grow Your Own Challenge series, you know we have picked hundreds of pounds of tomatoes. We’ve been canning, making our own homemade ketchup, salsa, tomato sauce, honey, and much more. But I thought I’d show you a quick and easy fresh salad from the garden! This is the His and Hers Caprese-ish Salad.

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My wife ran out to the garden a few days ago and brought in a ripe Beefmaster Tomato and some basil. Then she sprinkled some blue cheese on top and went to work on her salad.


She kindly offered to make me one but I had a better idea … adding bacon. Adding bacon to anything makes it better. That’s just a fact. So I quickly fried up a pound of bacon, was too lazy to go to the garden to pick more basil, and then victory! I had my manly caprese-ish salad.


It has beef in the name, actual pig, and it’s a salad so it has to be healthy. Win. Win. Win. Anyway, I hope this helps you with some garden-eating inspiration.

Happy gardening!

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