Salmon & New Potato Salad

Salmon & New Potato Salad

Quick and simple warm salmon and new potato salad with a lemon, honey & mustard dressing.


I’m trying (with pretty good success I’m pleased to say) to be a bit healthier at the moment. The recent Olympics and Paralympics has inspired me to get a bit fitter and take up running (I’ll save how it’s all going for another day). Another part of being healthier is a being a bit more aware of what I’m eating and trying to follow all (or at least some of) the rules about what you should and shouldn’t eat. It’s recommended that you eat 2 portions of fish a week (with one being an oily fish) and having the fish in the freezer means I’m far more likely to grab some on days when I haven’t planned what to eat and I’m scouting around in the fridge and freezer to come up with something to make. In fact I’m having one of those days today and in a few minutes I’ll be off to whip up a salmon stir fry for dinner.


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