Unique DIY Decor Ideas for a Touch of Vintage on Your Walls

Looking to add a touch of vintage to your room? Decorating your walls with framed family photos—complete with decades-old pictures of your young grandparents and parents—makes for a truly unique and awe-inspiring DIY project.

Make your living space a lovely Pinterest-and-Instagram-worthy throwback and save money on decors by repurposing old, unused items at home. You can use old doors, window panes, wood, extra wall clocks, and even unused ceramic plates to make framed mirrors, wall arts, customized wall clocks, and other decors that will surely perk up any plain wall.

It doesn’t matter if you’re decorating a small room or a big one. Here are other wall decor ideas that you can consider to show your love for anything vintage:


Photo by Jonnie Andersen / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Be creative and turn your wood scraps into a sophisticated and modern wall art! Put together pieces of multicolored wood and align them on your wall. Hang little details that will complement the wall and make it stand out.


Vintage board signs that are sold in antique stores are pricey. With extra wood scraps and paint at home, you can make your own without any cost. Make and customize board signs based on your preferred design. Aside from adorning your walls, vintage board signs can serve as directional signs, helping guests navigate around your home.


You can also create DIY shelves, so you can display your antique and classic ceramic pieces.


Photo by AquaOwl / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Together with themed ceramic pieces, display framed photos or posters according to the holiday that they’re associated with. Wall decors like these can add up to the coziness of your vintage-themed home.


Photo by Jonnie Andersen / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If you have vintage suitcases or other stuff that are big or too precious to break down into pieces, stack them all together in one corner to display.


Put together big and small vintage pieces on your bare wall. Make sure to display items that will work well with your wall’s color.



Pictures aren’t the only ones that can be framed. Typography arts or old posters can be framed, too! Inspire yourself and your guests as they enter your humble home with framed “food for thoughts” and one-of-a-kind vintage posters that you’ve kept over the years! 


Photo by Travel Nevada / CC BY 2.0

DIY marquee lights not only decorate your walls but also illuminate the room. All you need for this project are string lights, old bulbs, and cardboard or plywood.

Instead of keeping your vintage things in the attic or garage, repurpose them to give a vintage ambiance on the walls of your home. Not only will you get to personalize your wall decors, but you’ll also save on decor costs. Try these ideas out and you’ll be surprised at how useful old things can be!

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