One Pot Greek Lemon Chicken & Rice

One Pot Greek Lemon Chicken & Rice

One Pot Greek Lemon Chicken and Rice is so incredibly easy to make that it’ll be your new weeknight go-to meal. Braised greek chicken thighs resting on top of rice with lemons, garlic cloves, spices, white wine, olives, and fresh thyme. The best part? Only one pot to wash when you’re done!


One pot greek lemon chicken and rice is definitely a keeper for the quick weeknight dinner rotation. It’s basically a whole meal in one pot, cutting your clean up time in half. Twice the meal, half the cleanup? Sign me up!

Not to mention, it’s really, really, really good. Did I mention that? I’m not sure there’s enough “really’s” in the world to describe how much I like this dish. If you like greek food, then there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to like this one pot greek lemon chicken and rice, too.


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