Maple Apple Pork Roast

Maple Apple Pork Roast

This simple and quick-prep slow-cooker dinner is perfect for fall! A pork roast basted with maple syrup and roasted with apples and onions.

What I love about this slow-cooker roast is that the prep-time is super short. It does cook for awhile, but you don’t have to do any work at all once it’s in the slow-cooker. Cut up a few apples and onions, drizzle the roast with maple syrup, add a few spices, and that’s all the effort you need to put in.

For a weekday meal, it’s something you can throw together quickly before you leave for work, and you can come home to it ready! For a weekend meal, it’s elegant enough to serve to guests, and it’s filling and cozy. A pork roast is my favorite Sunday dinner.

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