Fireball Apple Crisp

Fireball Apple Crisp

Classic apple crisp, spiked with Fireball whiskey for a boozy kick! This Fireball Apple Crisp is loaded with soft, sweet cinnamon apples, and topped with buttery, brown sugar streusel!

I based this Fireball Apple Crisp recipe from my Apple & Tart Cherry Crisp. That’s been my go-to apple crisp recipe for about a decade, and so it makes for a great starting point for another apple crisp variation. The apples bake up soft and nicely spiced. They bake in a bath of apple cider, so it enhances the flavor of the apples. I love the cherries in that recipe because they are tart, but sweet, and they get very plump and juicy as they bake.

The topping is a little crispy and crunchy. It’s still soft too, but when you press on it with a spoon, it sort of breaks. A fissure of cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar. It’s amazing what cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, and some flour can turn into when they’re put altogether. Simple ingredients, but extraordinary results.

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