Easy & Healthy Beef Burrito Bowls

Easy & Healthy Beef Burrito Bowls

Take taco night to a new level and serve up these easy and healthy beef burrito bowls for dinner.

Next time you are craving Chipotle or wishing the taco truck was close by, whip these up instead.

These bowls have all the ingredients necessary for a delicious Mexican dinner.

I typically make these bowls as a follow-up to a beef brisket dinner from the night before. I usually make enough brisket to last the rest of the week.

Slow cooked and savory, the beef brisket is fork tender and delicious. My kids will gobble this up. That’s why I like to make plenty for taco night, which we enjoy regularly.

Each bowl gets a large spoonful of rice. Any kind will do. We’ve been known to enjoy our bowls with Spanish rice, saffron flavored rice and even plain white rice.  Rice is an easy grain to make ahead of time and warm up in the microwave.

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