Making The Most Of Your Square Footage: How To Add Versatility And Value

Making The Most Of Your Square Footage: How To Add Versatility And Value

Have your kids grown up and flown the nest? Have you spare rooms that you don’t use? Or are you thinking about changing career and working from home? If so, you may be thinking about ways to use the space you have available. If you’ve got the square footage, embrace it. Here are some inspirational ideas to help you add versatility and value.

Changing the layout

Have you got a large house, which is made up of small rooms? Is the layout a problem? Would you rather an open-plan setup? Sometimes, you can have all the space in the world without it being usable. If you’ve got a tiny room downstairs, you’re limited as to what you can do with it. If you knock through, the options are much more plentiful. You can create a larger kitchen, add an entertaining section, or create a kids’ play area. Many people list a family kitchen as their number one priority when searching for a new home. Opening up the space downstairs to create a dream kitchen will add significant value. It will also make your home much more appealing to buyers if you choose to sell.

Upstairs, changes in the layout can also enable you to make better use of space. Have you got a separate shower room and toilet, for example? Have you got a series of small bedrooms? If so, it may be possible to knock walls down to reduce the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and increase the size of each room.


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Converting vacant spaces

Have you got a loft sitting there housing a few bags and boxes? Do you have a basement that you rarely use? These present incredible opportunities to add value to your home. There is scope to do so much with these spaces, and they are really valuable home additions. Basements often make great kitchens. But you could also use this revamped space as a bedroom, a teenage den, playroom or guest suite. Other ideas include a games room or a stock room if you run a business from home. Loft rooms could be used as a study or studio or provide extra bedrooms if you’re short downstairs.

If you have sufficient space available, and conversion is a viable option, get some quotes. Call a few different building firms, and arrange for them to come out and have a look around. Go through some ideas, and have a look at plans and prices.


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Building outside

If your home sits on a large plot, there are various options. You could extend, or you could consider external additions. You could create a business suite in a converted outhouse or turn part of the garage into a gym, for example. If you have older relatives, it may be worth considering plans to create a granny flat in the grounds. To do this, you’ll need advice from planners and architects.


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Are you thinking of making changes to your home? Sometimes, a house offers square footage, but the space isn’t necessarily usable. If this sounds familiar, there are things you can do to maximize your home’s potential. Think about changes in layout, and open up rooms. Take advantage of loft and basement spaces, and consider external additions.

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