Don’t Sink Your Money Into A Sinkhole! Fix Up Your House With These Handy Hints!

Don’t Sink Your Money Into A Sinkhole! Fix Up Your House With These Handy Hints!

Moving into your dream home is always a wonderful thing. If you’ve been lucky enough to buy your own home, the chances are that you may need to do some work on it.  And when I say “some”- I mean a lot! And if that is the case you need to be prepared to invest a big chunk of your money, as well as a big chunk of your time and all the effort you can muster over the next few months. With this, it can prove to be difficult in many ways, especially when it comes to not going insane! Imagine waking up and leaving your bedroom to be met with a huge cement mixer, piles of dust and rubble, and tripping over miles of cable. It can be quite testing on anybody’s patience! Not to worry, here’s my handy guide on how to keep even!



Set A Timeframe For The Work To Be Done

This is always easier said than it is done, but if you keep a reasonable time frame in mind this will stop you feeling like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of renovations and the never ending sound of a drill going (almost) 24/7!  If you set yourself a deadline, stick to it! This will force you to keep chipping away, and especially if you’ve promised your partner or your family that you would do it!

Make Sure You Keep The Cost Low When You Can

It is always easier to throw money at a problem in the hope that it will fix it. But there are good ways to keep a reserve on your finances. For example, with something like plumbing, moving the sinks and toilets around is a very costly thing. So if you can manage with keeping them where they are it will save you a lot of money. Another way to keep the cost low is to hire contractors that come recommended by friends or family members. This will save you a lot of hassle, and they may do friendly rates for you when it comes to helping you seal basement walls.

Allow One Part Of The House To Be Yours!

This is one important way of keeping calm in the environment. Making sure there is a space that belongs to you will keep you level. Even if it is not in the house or it is a local cafe or it’s a part your bedroom, this will make life a lot more bearable in the short term.

Plan Your Meals And Cook In Batches

Having takeaway every night may sound nice, but it soon becomes boring, and it will drain your finances completely! As the kitchen may be out of bounds for the most part, when you get access to it try to cook as many meals as you possibly can, and freeze them. So when you do need a meal, just take it out of the freezer the night before to defrost and cook it in the oven! As well as saving you money there’s a lot less washing up to do (apart from the paint brushes!).

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